13 Factors why revealed Monty is SPOILER and fans are surprised

13 Factors why revealed Monty is SPOILER and fans are surprised

13 reasoned explanations why season 3 revealed that Monty De Los Angeles Cruz, played by Timothy Granaderos, is homosexual. Monty satisfies a man called Winston and in addition has got to face the results of assaulting Tyler in 13 Factors why period 2.

13 explanations why finally came back for period 3 on Netflix and there have been lots of gripping and moments that are dramatic procedure. The secret of whom killed Bryce Walker ended up being teased a long time before the 13 episodes that are new dropped, therefore the chaotic activities of Homecoming loomed heavy on the period’s very very early episodes. Although the whodunnit style secret kept fans guessing, it had been the revelation that Monty (played by Timothy Granaderos) is homosexual which turned out to be one of several period’s more shocking developments.

Warning: significant 13 reasoned explanations why period 3 spoilers ahead

Is Monty gay on 13 Factors why?

Montgomery De Los Angeles Cruz established himself as an uber villain last period following the controversial restroom intimate attack scene. Within the visual and extremely unpleasant period 2 minute, Monty intimately violates Tyler Down by having a wood broom handle and departs him bleeding and crying on the ground. The scene ended up being so annoying that also Timothy Granaderos admitted that viewing it back made him feel nauseous.

Monty is a homophobe and freely makes use of the ‘f’ term whenever taunting their classmates. In period 3, we learn more about Monty’s upbringing and started to discover that their dad can also be a huge homophobe.

During mail order brides an event, Monty has their first intimate encounter with a man, Winston, whom does dental intercourse on him. Monty enjoys their very very first encounter that is sexual a guy, but flies as a rage down the road whenever Winston shows they ought to go out once more. He beats Winston defectively right in front of shocked partygoers.

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