The President of Sri Lanka Proposes New Gambling Fees

The President of Sri Lanka Proposes New Gambling Fees

Mahinda Rajapaksa, the President of Sri Lanka, has put forward the idea of earning some changes in the current gambling rules and regulations associated with the country as well as in the Betting and Gaming Levy Act in particular.

The President proposed an entrance fee of $100 become implemented and valid for several Sri Lanka-based players and correspondingly all casino owners whom operate in the country have to comply with it. Every gaming provider will be supposed to pay a tax, equal to 10% of the turnover of the venue they manage in addition, the President suggested the gaming taxes to be increased and according to his proposal. In addition, Rajapaksa also proposed the tax that is current regarding the revenues of this casinos become raised too.

The President made these recommendations the other day when the nation’s budget affairs for the next year have already been discussed by the Government authorities.

Despite the measures that are draconian, the President don’t give an answer to the question if the entry cost, which can be, by the way, regarded as being a bit too high for players’ liking, will apply to locals only.

Exactly why the President, who’s also in charge of the Ministry of Finance, has suggested these brand new fees, had been boosting the economy that is local. If accepted, the new costs are calculated to play a role in the revenue with increased than $19 million.

Rajapaksa said that the federal Government authorities should devote almost all their efforts to supplying the residents with improved public solutions, programs, designed to play a role in the well being of this residents and assets that have the purpose that is same.

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