Florida Senate Passes Gambling Expansion Bill, but House Remains Opposed

Florida Senate Passes Gambling Expansion Bill, but House Remains Opposed

The Florida Senate has passed a gambling that is sweeping bill that could spot slot machines at dog and horse racetrack facilities in eight counties outside South Florida.

That likely won’t sit well with voters nor the seminole that is powerful, the latter that is calling in the state to pass legislation that would essentially keep business as usual.

Florida Senate member Bill Galvano, seen right here sitting in their comfy chamber chair, wants to expand gambling in the Sunshine State, but the Seminoles oppose his legislation.

Senate Bill 8, introduced by State Sen. Bill Galvano (R-District 21), would as a swap grant the Seminoles’ five gambling enterprises with the best to include craps and roulette in addition to blackjack. Additionally, the Seminoles would be allowed to build two additional full-scale casinos in the coveted South Florida region.

Not surprisingly, the heavily GOP that is controlled Senate passed SB 8 by a vote of 32-6. ‘SB 8 is an important part of finalizing a statewide approach that respects all stakeholders, modernizes Florida gaming guidelines, and maximizes income,’ Galvano said via Twitter.

The tribe disagrees.

The Seminoles are thought to choose maintaining status quo when considering to expansion, and a home gaming bill that’s been introduced would do just that. But the group that is indiann’t too keen on that bill either, since the legislation would need them to give $3 bill

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